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15 August 2021: Monthly Meeting (08/21) & Early Celebration for Mid-Autumn Festival

On 15 August 2021, Go Study Sdn. Bhd. (GS) has organised a virtual monthly meeting for August 2021 and early celebration for Mid-Autumn Festival. This meeting was attended by the partners of GS together with Cikgu Zoul, Mr Low, Mr Wilson and Ms CheeWei.

The matters discussed during July's monthly meeting include:

1. Virtual team building

2. Management framework for credit hours taking

3. Slow down in recruitment process due to pandemic

4. Social impact related matters such as preparation of social impact report and submission for SE Basic by 31 August 2021

5. Pilot demo by Cikgu Zoul to students

6. Challenges in contacting local press for press release

7. Updates on classroom products

We then move on to early celebration for the Mid-Autumn Festival. This celebration is also intent to act as our first virtual team building programme. GS has sent out a set of mooncakes, tea and Starbucks cards to everyone as an appreciation gift for their contribution to GS.