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18 July 2021: Monthly Meeting (07/21) & Virtual Open House (03)

On 18 July 2021, Go Study Sdn. Bhd. (GS) has organised a virtual monthly meeting for July 2021 and the 3rd virtual opening house. This meeting was attended by the partners of GS together with Mr Wilson, Mr Lau, Ms Teresa and Ms Susan.

The matters discussed during July's monthly meeting include:

  1. Updates on the social media accounts.

  2. Management framework for credit hours tracking for the teachers.

  3. Updates on classroom product.

  4. Talent acquisition activities.

  5. Importance of getting real users feedbacks for continuous improvement.

  6. Updates on social impact.

We then moved on to conduct the 3rd virtual open house for talents who are interested in knowing our company. Topic covered include the introduction of GS, their products, the desired social impact to be achieved, and their partner programme.

We are pleased to announced that Mr Wilson and Mr Teresa have agreed to join GS and be part of the team in our effort to help create an equal and quality learning environment to the students.