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Our Story

Updated: Jul 4, 2021

With the use of technology, let us work towards realizing a fair and equal education system for our future generations. is created by two social entrepreneurs who have a great vision in addressing the rising inequalities issues in education systems. As a social enterprise, profits from our businesses will be reinvested into our mission to create positive social value in particular to education for the people of Malaysia.

In view that the school dropout rate is rising at an alarming rate especially for those coming from B40 low income group and more students are being demotivated and disinterested in studies especially during pandemic-triggered lockdown, our founders have come up with ideas of adopting a mix of low-tech and high-tech interventions to help addressing this daunting phenomena and challenges facing the students in Malaysia.

The Covid-19 pandemic has exacerbated an already unequal education system. Our main goal is to create equal opportunities for all students in Malaysia to receive the best education resources.

We are living through the most rapidly changing time in human history whereby technology and societies are transforming at a dizzying rate. The traditional education settings no longer interests the students. Furthermore, despite the existence of incentives and assistance allocated, education remains a privilege that is still beyond reach for many children. We believe that radical reform is needed in education systems.

We wish to bring hope to the most disadvantaged communities and to make education interesting again for the students. By combining insight, compassion and imagination to solve social problems, we have built to serve as a bridge between the students and the teachers and the learning materials. Our fun and interactive learning process will incentivize and facilitate behavior change in students toward studies.

Teachers are the beating heart of our education systems. It is the skill and expertise of teachers that facilitates children’s learning. Therefore, we need more compassionate teachers to partner with us as the heart of the delivery of this project.

Education is a universal human right. Without education, more people will not have the same opportunities as others, are vulnerable and unfairly advantaged. With the use of technology, let us work towards realizing a fair and equal education system for our future generations.