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Our Principles

  1. Innovation - We make use of innovative technology to scale our product and build a better learning experience for everyone.

  2. Knowledge - We believe knowledge is the key to unlock the hidden potentials for everyone, thus we commit to provide equal and quality education to everyone with uncompromising integrity, passion and professionalism.

  3. Compassion - We incorporate compassionism into the core of our business decision making process, because we believe that compassionism is the ultimate answer to many of the social problems we face today in the world.


We envision the future where quality learning opportunities and resources can be truly free and equally accessible to everyone.

  1. To provide equal and quality learning resources to everyone, by creating and serving the content with best-in-class scalability and capability on our innovative platform.

  2. To provide equal and quality learning opportunities to everyone, by providing free or affordable primary and secondary education on our innovative platform.

  3. To increase the availability of quality learning resources and opportunities to learners in rural or less connected areas, through our offline cloud and royalty free content developed by our innovative platform.

Core Values